Get Traffic And Make People Take Action

Get Traffic And Make Visitors Take Action When They Come To Your Site

Stop chasing traffic and discover how this new cutting edge software will instantly boost visits, clicks, conversions, and sales … regardless of your niche!

This plugins’ features:

  • Force social sharing by locking any kind of content (immediately boost traffic by offering incentives to share while making sales at the same time!)
  • Display a countdown timer create to urgency, unlock content, make it disappear and more! (timers create a feverish sense of urgency to share your site and get the content!)
  • Boldly display E-Covers for your upcoming or current products (finally your products and offers will get the attention they deserve!)
  • Display any kind of images or banners for products of any kind (ads have to get noticed to get clicked and now they finally will!)
  • Embed videos of any kind for any purpose (a new fresh way to get your videos seen, sales, content, review, promotions you name it.)
  • Embed E-Mail auto-responder code (Maybe you do want a popup, you can get your opt-in box to pop-up in 9 different locations and set a delay if needed!)
  • Ability to track clicks to maximize conversions!
  • Use delay timers to grab attention and enhance visitor experience
  • Choose any of nine different screen locations to fit perfectly on your site
  • No matter what industry you are in, this will work for you!

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The Permanent Assistant Software

Your Personal Permanent Assistant Software

Skyrocket your conversions, sales and profits with your own automated sales assistants, providing 24/7 support on all your websites!

Here are just some of the ways you will benefit when you use this software:

  • Slash Website Abandonment – Grab your visitors attention just before they leave and entice them back into your site with a new offer.
  • Increase Visitor Value – Increase the dollar value of each of your customers by converting and selling more often.
  • Boost Conversions – Convert more visitors into buyers by giving them a special discount just before they leave your site. (These people were about to leave forever and spend nothing)
  • Lighten Customer Support – Address some of the most common questions potential buyers have.
  • Motivate Potential Affiliates – Put an exit sales assistant on your affiliate recruitment page reminding affiliates about competitions or special prizes you may give out for top affiliates!
  • Re-iterate Important Bonuses – A big selling point of many offers is the bonuses that are included. Now you can make sure your visitors know the value of your bonuses by reminding them of one last time before they go.
  • Upsell & Cross-sell – Upsell or cross-sell related products while your customers are in ‘buying mode’.
  • Exit Surveys – Ask your visitors why they are leaving and you’ll get all the information you need to improve your offer and increase your profits!

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Software To Add Signup Forms

Easy To Use Software To Add Signup Forms

Here is how you can easily add signup forms to your sales pages without losing a single sale!

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Simple Squeeze Page

Keeping It Simple Squeeze Page

Are you losing subscribers because of information overload on your current squeeze pages? Social and mobile ready KISS squeeze page!

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Super Simple!

This is a social and mobile ready KISS squeeze page!

Works on desktop, tablets and mobile smart phones. Fancy rotation is an eye catcher BUT without all the distractions of slow loading graphics.

You could be losing subscribers because of information overload on your current squeeze pages. People are easily distracted, that is a known fact. I see SO many people loading their squeeze pages with flashy SLOW loading videos or ads. Bad, bad, bad. KISS = Keep It Super Simple & Fast Loading!

Do not distract your visitor with anything other than what they came for. BUY your product!

The “product on the squeeze page is what brought them to your page”, give it to them! DO NOT try to even offer them an upsell on the thank you page (gives impression you ONLY want in their wallet). If anything at all, give them a freebie with YOUR links and by all means do not forget to get them what they originally came for. May seem like silly advice to many but, from what I see these days new and old marketers are making fatal mistakes.

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Know When Your Site Gets Spidered

Let’s Show How To Know When Your Site Gets Spidered

This easy to use software will show you how easy it is to discover exactly when your website gets spidered by the major search engines, so you can target your site updates for maximum benefit.

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Tube Frame Software

Get The Tube Frame Software Working For Your Site!

Tube Frame Tamer Software creates custom Iframes and it also makes videos autostart, loop, remove controls, and much more.

This software will make your life easier every time you need a customized video player.

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High Conversion Rate Of Visitors

How To Convert Your Visitors  At A Higher Rate Than Normal

Explode your list with this software the converts at over 90%.

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Hidden Text Box Generator

Hidden Text Box Generator

This software creates a hidden area for your content with a “show/hide” link.

Get noticed when your visitors land at your site.

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Ebay Software

Seller Pro Ebay Software

This software will be your gates to open to becoming a pro at Ebay selling.

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List Building Joint Venture Software

List Building Joint Venture Software

How you can get tons of other online marketers to promote your list, without having to pay them a dime! This amazing software automatically creates everything you need for your own highly lucrative list building joint venture!

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