Create Leads From Scratch

How To Create Leads From Scratch

Realize you are steps away from generating your very own leads.  We will help you discover how with this step-by-step system to create massive leads from scratch and  you can start generating big profits even when you have zero experience! Yes is that simple!

So what can you do with a list?

•Send multiple offers over a period of time

•Share blog posts

•Increase engagement

•Send traffic to your blog site

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Google Adwords For 1 Cent

Tight Budget On You Marketing Campaign? Get Google Adwords For 1 Cent and Increase The Flow Of Traffic To Your Site

It’s hard to find traffic these days, and without traffic to our site, we might as well close it down. There are many ways to secure traffic but this time we will focus on Google AdWords. I know what you are thinking right now… “I can’t afford to spend $5+ per click!”. Well you don’t have to! This book will teach you how to get unlimited clicks from Google AdWords for only 1 cent each.

This is not illegal and it’s not against Google’s Terms Of Use. Google allows you to place whatever bid you want from 1 cent to a million dollars. We are just going to go with the 1 cent bid.

It’s not impossible to get top rankings and position with just 1 cent bids. In fact, in all my campaigns my average position is 1.1 and I only pay 1 cent per click. My ads are seen by thousands per day and I get hundreds of clicks, each just 1 cent each and only pay on average $2 per day.

This book will explain in great detail everything you need to get your 1 cent clicks. It’s not as simple as just placing a 1 cent bid, nothing will happen unless you go through the steps in this book one by one setting up your Google AdWords account. The book contains no fluff so it’s only a few pages but with pictures so you know what you are doing and how to do it right.

Stop paying for high dollar traffic, and join me in just paying 1 cent. Never pay big money for clicks again!

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New Internet Marketing Start Up Guides

New Internet Marketer Start Up Guides

If you are new to online marketing these are the guides that help you go the right way. Our start up package comes with 3 ebooks to help you navigate the smoothest ways in the world wide web:

  • Niche Marketing Resource Guide
  •  List Building For New Marketers
  •  Paid Traffic Bargain Hunter

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Get Cheap Clicks By Using 7Search

Getting Cheap Clicks By Using 7Search

We all know how we can blow our budget when it comes to PPC, but now you have an option to use 7Search.  In this 4 video course we will be showing you how to use 7Search for cheap clicks and good ROI. This video series will show you from A-Z how to do it.

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Get Traffic At A Fraction Of The Cost

PPC – Get Traffic At A Fraction Of The Cost

Pay per click advertising can help you get paid visitors/customers to your site. It can get a little expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.  That is why this guide can show you how to accomplish it right at a fraction of the cost. Let the competition pay a lot of money, you will spend less money in advertising and get lots of traffic.

In our guide you will discover:

  • The simple method for creating fast, highly targeted campaigns in just a few minutes!
  • How to minimize and eliminate any chance of losing money in your PPC campaigns
  • The “fail proof” formula for driving in quality traffic while instantly reducing your advertising costs!
  • How to dominate the PPC market for maximum profits without using Adwords

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Internet Marketing Introduction Course

Become A Pro After You Watch Our Internet Marketing Course

This internet marketing course great for beginners.  This contains complete training that even savvy marketers can use.  Because it is so extensive we recommend it to be done once a week for 20 weeks, but you can finish the whole course in one week if your wish and start making money in short notice. Don’t delay and watch our complete newbie online marketing course.

Do Your Niche Market Research

Discover how to uncover profitable niches that have not been tapped into or are half filled. Why you don’t have to create demand or generate desire. Learn how to use free available tools to search for hot niches to tap into without spending a dime on research or paying expensive gurus to tell you where the money is at. Offline methods of gauging demand. You might not be aware of these earlier but during these course you will start to see opportunities everywhere. Learn how to pick your battles with the highest chances of winning!

Creating A Product

Learn how to create your product and our 6 easy steps to creating hot selling products. Also our 7 easy ways to create your own digital product – even if you hate writing. The how and the where to get quality content legally and sell it for profit.  Learn about product branding strategies and tactics that will make you stand out from the rest. Also learn to attract low-end, middle-ticket or high-class customers for the target market of your choice.

Persuasive Copywriting

Learn about the  fool-proof, fast and easy 8-step process to create your first sales letter.  The 4 P’s of successful web copy and how to double or even triple your sales with the same amount of traffic. Psychological triggers that persuade your readers to transit from potential customer to satisfied buyer.  The difference between long copy vs. Short copy and which one to use. Making irresistible offers irresistible without being too hyped. Our 2 easy steps to get your prospect to act now. And our attraction factor: How to qualify your prospect instead of allowing your prospect to qualify you!

Handling common objections and FAQs and generously packed real-life case studies of real sales letters that really sell!

List Building

Integrating what you have learned for maximum results.  Learn how to get repeat, recurring customers. Get the right method of list building.

Email Marketing

The true purpose of email marketing, and no it is not to sell. Learn how to craft highly responsive emails in 10 minutes or so. Your 6 ‘best friends’ you must have in writing highly profitable email campaigns. Summary composed of just 4 steps.  Our secret to double or even triple your sales.

Power Blogging

Blogs can be a powerhouse of  influence the way a prospect perceives your authority. Blogs can send all the traffic you need to monetize from and certainly, owning a string of blogs can increase your advantages.  It is also believed to be difficult and technically challenging… until you check out the controversial business advice I have to offer in this course.  Also discover how you  can get natural and organic traffic to your sites that will never die using the power of blogs… even if you have never installed a WordPress script before!

Leveraging With Affiliate Marketing

The 4 rules of affiliate marketing to massive monthly paychecks and the 4 places to uncover profitable affiliate programs for any niche you want to penetrate into. Our secret place to get into exclusive niche affiliate programs you cannot find on usual, highly commercialized platforms like Clickbank.  Our 3 easy ways to uncover profitable niche products to promote – discover within minutes whether the product is worth promoting or not.

Learn how to set up step by step affiliate campaigns set up and our 7 easy ways to get niche traffic to your niche affiliate websites.  Also the #1 mistake amateur affiliates make – learn how avoiding this mistake and going around this can earn you thousands of leads which otherwise would have been lost.

Tweaking And Optimizing

You are up and running so now you can continue to grow it to greater heights and make your monthly income scalable. How about improve your sales and leads drastically with these 7 simple steps?

Social Media

Learn how to use some of the most popular fastest growing social networking websites to leech targeted traffic.

Affiliate Programs

Learn how to leverage on 1% of a group effort and amass your own army of people willing to promote your products voluntarily by using affiliate marketing.

Joint Ventures

You will learn how to master the art of striking Joint Venture deals with the top guns of any niche.  Getting a potential JV Partner to say ‘yes’ to your Joint Venture offer.  Learn to reduce the possibilities of getting rejected on your JV offer. Low-risk, high-profit Joint Venture deals you can pull off anytime with anyone!

Ad Swaps And Auto-Responder Exchanges

Learn how to build an ‘alternative mailing list’ that lets you reach your target buyers a whole lot faster than email marketing.

Press Releases

Learn how to craft your own professional Press Release in 5 minutes flat, topping your search engine rankings, backlinks and linking power!

Forum Marketing

Find out how come forum is where you find real buyers not just the ‘window shoppers’ and where they hang out online in just a few minutes! Do not do this the wrong way and maximize your profits.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Get almost instant traffic for low-cost! Many would-be internet marketers fail in this area simply because they lose money every time and don’t follow our formula.

Link Building

Learn how to build links quickly and easily and improve your rankings on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Article Marketing

Learn how to get articles to drive in targeted traffic and boost your search engine ranks results.

Video Marketing

Video does give you leverage but who says you need to record videos to start video marketing? In this module you’ll learn the secret to leveraging your videos as well as other people’s videos to drive in massive traffic to your websites.

Social Bookmarking

Learn how to integrate two of the largest social networking websites to bring in compound traffic to any website and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your own products or you’re an affiliate for other merchants!


Watch and learn how to use Podcasting to build your brand and distribute to various channels online.

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Google Adsense And Adwords

Discover Google Adsense Marketing Other People’s Site And Adwords Questions To Ponder Article

What are some of the Adwords questions you should ask yourself

Our ecourse on increasing your revenue with Google Adsense will go in detail on how Adsense works and this article will help you understand  how Adwords works.

Google Adwords can be used as a method for driving highly targeted traffic to your website.   It can be an extraordinarily effective method but unfortunately if you don’t know what you are doing, it can also be a great way to lose a lot of cash and very quickly too. Adwords experts can also help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns which is a great way to improve your online business.

There are some basics that you can use to help you get the most out of not just your site onsite SEO- Search Engine Optimization but also increase your Adwords positive results.

These are some questions that you should ask yourself about your website:

  •  What is the main topic or focus of my site?
  • What services do I provide?
  • Who is my target audience and visitors?
  •  What search terms, keywords are they using to find the product or service that I am selling?

This last point is very important because you need to target the words and phrases that your prospects are using. When people look for certain specific things that you don’t offer you don’t want to show up as a search result because then Google will penalize you for the bounce rate in other words showing up in non-relevant information search.

One the best things you can do is to “reverse engineer” the websites of your main competitors. Find other sites that are selling the same product and service you are and then find what terms they are using to drive traffic to their site.

Using one of the keywords that people are using to search for your product as your domain name. For example, if your web site is about silk flowers, people will be typing “silk”  or “flowers”.

It is kind of hard to do, but try to think like your visitors would think when compiling your keyword list. Google keyword tool is free and you can most likely expand your keyword list and get some words you may not have thought of.

There are lots of people online that can help you with your Adwords campaign but you must make sure they are “experts”  and make sure that they are truly qualified. It’s always a good idea to research before you hire them.

You could also check forums and ask for unbiased recommendations about who can help you with your Adwords campaigns.

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Pay Per Click Or Cost Per Click For Beginners

Pay Per Click For Beginners Or Cost Per Click For Beginners…Same Concept With Great Results If You Know How To Do It

PPC or CPC could be a flat rate or bid based type of advertising cost that allows a business owner to pay for his displayed ad on someone’s website or a “relevant search result in a search engine” or SERP- Search Engine Results Page.  Showing up on page #1 vs. showing up in  page #20 on search engines can mean a lot for the  traffic flow you will get in your site.

This ebook is all about Pay Per Click and will go into the basics, your budget,  the how to get started,  the buyer vrs the browser keywords, the importance of a landing page, and more.

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Use The Right Keywords And Rank High

Using The Right Keywords Will Have You Ranking High In Popular Search Engines

Performing a keyword research before you even build you site will give you the upper hand over your competitors.  Get ready to start thriving in the online business place with one keyword.  A lot gets covered in this guide on keyword domination and beyond.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Finding the best keywords and how to build a business around it
  • Generating an “initial ideas list”
  • Researching forums to find out what people are looking for
  • Building your own website even if you have little or no knowledge around the popular topic that you have chosen that is actually based on a keyword
  • How to accomplish a thorough keyword search by using different keyword research tools such as NicheBot Classic, Word Tracker and Google Keyword Research tools to your best advantage
  •  How to create your first website and how to quickly and easily understand and deploy HTML
  • The best place is to register a domain name and get started on producing your initial web content
  •  Understanding and mastering the art of PPC advertising
  • How to become an affiliate marketer and create a generous stream of income selling products through Clickbank
  • How to start a blog and how to install WordPress on your website
  • Attracting links to your site and driving traffic to your site submitting to your site among much information!

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How To Market In Google

Google Marketing:  Adwords & AdSense

Our Google Adwords (generate leads) and AdSense (make money by advertising in your site) made simple guide will show you the intricacies of using the advertising giant Google in your marketing campaigns.

Learn the best online methods to easily make money by attracting more clients.

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