Offline Marketing Manual

Offline Marketing Manual

Get the power of offline marketing for your business success. Even nowadays the era of the internet, traditional offline marketing is still an extremely powerful way to expand brand awareness, generating new customers, and increasing business profitability and opportunity.

What this powerful ebook is about to teach you:

  • 101 effective ways to promote your business
  • Traditional offline marketing strategy
  • Creative offline marketing tips and ideas
  • Free advertising and exposure through publicity
  • Networking and mutual partnering with other businesses
  • Profiting off of existing and former customers and much, much more …

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Customer Retention Strategies

Learn Why Customer Service Is Important For Customer Retention

Why if it’s so expensive to acquire a customer than to keep it companies are not doing something about keeping their clients happy?  How come “the customer is always right” is no longer practiced?  It seems that customer service is a thing of the past.

Henry Ford said: “A Business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”  And He also said: “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

Our guide on customer retention force will show you how to develop unstoppable loyalty from your customer base. Remember a happy customer, will stay with you, buy some more, refer you to family and friends so let’s keep your consumers happy and let them creates a goldmine for you.

What this ebook will teach you:

  • The importance of their loyalty
  • Figuring out where you are in respect to their loyalty
  • Knowing who your target audience is and understanding their needs
  • Supplying products worth of fulfilling a need. Question: Would you buy and use your own product?
  • Making sure your customer service is exceptionally good and teaching to resolve conflict and more in this great guide!

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The Success Code To Any Organization

Survey Your Customers

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21 Viral Marketing Methods

Discover How Our 21 Viral Marketing Methods Can Add Some Heavy Traffic To Your Site

There is massive traffic potential of sites like YouTube and Facebook to dramatically increase your profits.  Learn how you can use the power of ‘Word of Mouth’ to dominate your niche and of course, boost your profits.  This 8 video course of non-stop viral traffic generation will show you everything you need to know about using viral traffic to build your business. Take a look at what you get in this complete, in-depth course …

Introduction To Viral Traffic

Learn all about viral traffic and why it’s so important to your marketing plan.  Understand why you need the power of viral traffic.

Methods 1 and 2

Learn how to use quality content to create viral traffic.  Discover the power of creating ‘freebies’ to draw in new visitors.

Methods 3, 4, and 5

Learn the importance of trust when building viral traffic. Learn how to use YouTube to flood your site in traffic.  Create brandable products for some amazing viral traffic success.

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Proven Ways To Increase Subscribers

Generate Tons Of Leads With Our Proven Ways To Increase Subscribers

Our 21 proven ways to increase your subscribers list through the roof!  List building is so powerful because if they didn’t buy right away they will buy later…they just need to be marketed by using emails.  That is the power of building an email list of your prospects and clients.  Our leads dynamite short report will go in great depth on how to go about using each and every method described in this manual.

Inside this short report you’ll discover:

  • 21 ways to help you increase your list to the thousands!
  • Giving away free stuff and build your list in return
  • Using free forums to build your list daily
  • Increasing your list using cross promotions
  • Using viral marketing to get maximum exposure much, much more!

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Get Massive Exposure With Google Maps

Expose Your Business To Many Eyes And Get Massive Response With Google Maps

The ‘Personal Google Map‘ generating WordPress plugin …see the power of Google maps work with offline clients, online customers, or use the auto-list building feature to build a MASSIVE list over night!

WP Maps creates a Google Map with the push of a button.  Put Google Maps into any page or post right from WordPress using short-codes.

Add the full power of Google Maps to any website:

  •  Add Google Maps directly to your site
  • Use any business address…
  • Customize the ‘bubble’ to say anything you like…
  • Enable ‘Street View’ to get a snapshot on  the street level…
  • This will allow visitors to easily get directions right from the map…
  • Customize the height, width, and alignment of your Google Map…
  • Interactive with zoom, satellite images, and multi-touch…
  • Easily insert onto any page or post with short-codes…

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The Guide To Quick And Easy Website Traffic

Our Super Quick And Easy Guide Will Get You Website Traffic

This guide could be defined as the procrastinator’s guide.   What we will help you discover are quick & easy traffic methods to get traffic, no just anybody but real ‘people’  that may have an interest in your product or service.

In this guide, I won’t give you tips on how to overcome procrastinating. But what I will do is give you some procrastinator-friendly methods for generating traffic. You can do them while you’re distracted, you can do them at the last minute, and you can do them in a short period of time. In fact, it doesn’t matter how you do them, so long as you do them right.

Here’s just some of the secrets you’ll discover…

  • A slacker’s way of generating traffic to your site. You can even outsource this type of work if you’re that lazy!
  •  Bogging …the way to get constant flow of traffic. Don’t worry, you don’t need to write a 1000 word articles!

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Proven Offline Marketing Methods

Discover The Powerful Offline Marketing Techniques

How our guide, be able to show you how you too can tap into the offline marketing secrets others don’t dare to talk about nor share with anyone.

Start your own offline business, get customers that you can sell in demand services.

What you are about to discover:

  •   Discover proven offline marketing methods for beginners.
  •   Ways to sell online marketing services to offline clients — no prior knowledge necessary.
  •   Outsourcing your offline marketing services for profit.
  •   Commonly made mistakes and pitfalls in offline marketing, learn how to avoid them.
  •   Starting your own SEO service and outsourcing it.
  •   Starting your own article publishing business for offline business and learn how to outsource it.
  •   Offering video marketing services.

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The Endless Opportunities Of Offline Marketing

The How To Guide On The Opportunities Of Offline Marketing

What is happening with the endless opportunities of offline marketing? Well not many are taking advantage of what is available. Let’s show you what the probabilities are and and how to profit from it.

On our 5 video course you will get: Introduction, how to find offline clients, list building, impact services and consultation.

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Beat Your Fear Of Rejection And Become A Great Salesperson

Increase The Odds Of  Making The Sale By Beating Your Fear Of Rejection And Grow Into A Great Salesperson

Build up your knowledge on rejection, become a great marketer and embrace the world of sales!

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • What rejection is after all
  • It’s a numbers game after all
  • Why popularity beats the odds of getting rejected
  • The many ways to popularity
  • Why you should never take it personally?

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Outsourcing And Its Advantages

The Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a very popular alternative for a number of very valid reasons. Remote employees initially emerged as a way for companies to cut costs by having processes such as manufacturing and assembly done in overseas locations where costs were much lower. Lower wages and operating costs both contributed to these reduced costs. These lower costs were appealing because they greatly improved the profit margins for the companies. However, outsourcing is now gaining in popularity for a variety of other reasons. While cost reduction is still a primary advantage, other elements such as access to industry experts, a larger workforce and more flexible options are being embraced as welcomed advantages offered by outsourcing.

Cost Reductions from Outsourcing

As previously mentioned reducing costs was the original purpose of outsourcing and although outsourcing has since been demonstrated to have other significant advantages, cost reduction still remains one of the prime advantages. Companies look to outsource tasks which would be more costly to complete in-house. An example of this type of task would be a software related task requiring specialized training. Companies who do not have an on staff employee qualified to complete this task can benefit financially by outsourcing this task.

There may be significant fees required to retain the services of an industry expert on a contractual basis but the efficiency of this individual will enable him to complete the task much more quickly than it could have been done in-house. If the task were not outsourced an in-house employee would have had to complete the task and may have taken significantly longer costing the company more in the long run.

On Call Experts

In the previous section we discussed how having industry experts available to complete outsourced tasks can result in a cost savings for the company but having these experts on call also provides the potential for new opportunities for the company. With experts waiting in the wings to assist, the company is able to go after larger and more specialized types of work. This is important because in doing this the company can find themselves enjoying greater prosperity.

A Larger Workforce

Still another advantage to outsourcing is the benefit of enjoying a larger workforce when necessary without the hassle of maintaining a larger staff. Through outsourcing companies can bring in additional employees on a contract basis during times of prosperity without worrying about having to lay them off or keep them utilized when the surge of work begins to wane. This is particularly relevant in industries which enjoy peak seasons as well as off seasons.

Another advantage of having a larger workforce is the ability to generate a larger profit. This is important because smaller companies can find themselves in a position where they can compete with larger companies for bigger jobs by outsourcing a portion of the workload.

More Flexibility

Finally, more flexibility is another considerable advantage to outsourcing work. Even the most well planned projects may suddenly end up behind schedule or under a time crunch due to minor errors, changes in plans or other incidental activities. Smaller companies who do not have the resources to compensate for these inevitable mishaps may find themselves in serious trouble without the ability to outsource work when necessary. These companies can take advantage of outsourcing in times of trouble to help them deal with problems without alienating clients or performing poorly on a project.