Create Leads From Scratch

How To Create Leads From Scratch

Realize you are steps away from generating your very own leads.  We will help you discover how with this step-by-step system to create massive leads from scratch and  you can start generating big profits even when you have zero experience! Yes is that simple!

So what can you do with a list?

•Send multiple offers over a period of time

•Share blog posts

•Increase engagement

•Send traffic to your blog site

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How To Build A Massive Email List

Learn How To Build A Massive List

We all know how good it is to trickle info to those potential buyers that are sitting on the fence thinking whether to buy or not to buy. Well here we will teach you how to create a big list so you can continue to touch base with those people that have not made the buying decision just yet!

So eventually they turn into customers!

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Article Marketing And How To Get Them On Your List

Article Marketing And How To Get Them On Your List

Another great webinar in MP3 format  from prolific product creator Sean Mize. How to use article marketing to get buyers on your list!

Yes, article marketing still works to get buyers on your list!

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Advanced Strategies To Get Massive Subscribers

Advanced Strategies To Get Massive Subscribers

Learn advanced strategies to get build massive subscribers lists and keep them opening your emails.

Lists are very important tools to keep and stay in touch with your clients or soon to be clients. Marketing must be displayed on people’s faces and eyes, otherwise they will never know about you, what you sell and what you do.

Doing it right is another story. Listen to this webinar and learn from a internet pro.

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Impact Client Finder

Super Client Finder – Impact Your Business

These video training series on how to gain new clients. Yes 10 videos that will show you how to prospect new clients. Gain clients and confidence when approaching new potential customers.

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The Online Marketing List Course

 The Online Marketing List Course For Successful List Building

How the experts rake in the cash with every website they own! Watch our step by step video guide which consists of 10 videos which will show you exactly how the big boys in online marketing do it.

This video training program covers everything you need to know about how to build a list and profit from it including:

  • Why you are losing money if you don’t have a list
  • How having a list is not enough, there is more you need to do to make a list profitable
  • Reducing your unsubscribes and maximizing the value you receive from your list
  • Making your list buy product after product from you and thank you for it too
  • What to look for when picking an auto responder and what to avoid
  • Writing emails that your subscribers will look forward to and click on the links to find out more information and buy
  • Creating a squeeze page to make your website visitors desperate to hand over their email address to you
  • Avoiding the biggest mistake 90% of marketers make with their squeeze page that costs them subscribers
  • Maximizing your sign up rate and how you can increase it to 50% and higher!
  • Making sure you get a valid email address that is actually checked and used to ensure your messages get through
  • Using social networks as a part of your list building strategy to maximize subscriber loyalty whilst building your list and increasing click thorough
  • Building your list rapidly using solo ads

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The Solo Ads Course

The Solo Ads Information You Need To Know

First things first…what are solo ads?

Solo ads is another way of doing marketing. Yes is a marketing technique which is based on email marketing. The reason why they are called solo ads is because of their form of delivery. They are sent by themselves and without any help or any other advertising campaign.

We will let you in the discovery of one of the most effective ways to send massive amounts of traffic and build a list of highly responsive subscribers that will explode your bank account! You will not need to rely on SEO, PPC or any other traffic source that depends on Google, Facebook or any other “Giant site anymore!

Why you should use Solo Ads:

  • Highly Responsive – The subscribers you get are usually in the same niche. They are more receptive since it’s what they have been looking for.
  • Higher Conversion – Since they come from another marketer’s list, they probably have bought a few products and they are more likely to buy from you as well.
  • Independent – You can bypass all the “Giant” sites like Google and Facebook and go directly to the an individual or a small business owner. You’re not affected by algorithms or policy changes.
  • Fast Results – You can start doing this today and get instant results, split test your page and work your way towards a profitable campaign and much, much more!

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Maintenance On Your Mailing List

Learn To Maintain Your Mailing List

Discover how to maintain and clean your email lists for higher response rates… resulting in higher profits and more responsive subscribers. Another good reason to maintain your list is money savings!!! yes companies charge you for bigger lists, sometimes there are ways to totally delete a subscriber otherwise just because he/she opted out of the list, he is still in the list until you go and delete it…and yes you are still being charged for that particular subscriber who opted out.

Here is the list of this 9-part video series in more detail:

Introduction to List Maintenance and Tools You Need

In this specific video I am going to help you get started in understanding how to effectively maintain and clean your list. I’m going to get you into the right mindset so that you understand how to do this the right way and increase your profits like you’ve never seen before.  Most importantly, I’m going to show you how all this works and what tools you will need.

 Analyze Your Statistics

Before you get involved with maintaining and cleaning your list, the first thing you want to do is analyze your statistics so you have a general idea of how well your lists are performing.

Backup Your Email Addresses

While this is common sense, a lot of people tend to forget about backing up their email marketing list addresses on a consistent basis. Oftentimes it maybe too late when the third-party auto-responder service decides to delete your list.

In this specific video I am going to show you how to properly do it by showing you examples using Aweber and GetResponse. And there’s a specific way that you want to organize these so that you can easily keep track of them in the future.

Test and Clean Your Email Addresses

Did you know that within your email marketing list many emails may no longer work, may bounce, maybe duplicates, maybe possible spam traps, and more? To maintain your email lists you want to remove as many emails that no longer work and might be bouncing, because emails that bounce can actually hurt your reputation. But not only that, because having emails that no longer work is costing you money each and every month.

Suppression vs. Blacklist Lists

There is a specific way to prevent certain email addresses from getting onto your email list by setting up what we call ‘suppression lists’. You can also keep a banned list of subscribers you find abusive or who are bringing your reputation down. Therefore in this specific video I’m going to cover how to effectively use these types of lists to protect your list.

Segmenting Your Lists

Segmenting your list is very important because it’s a good way to figure out who might be active, who is semi-active, and who might not be active at all. You can also segment your list into different categories, which will allow you to increase your profits down the road. So in this specific video I’m going to show you how to properly segment your list to protect your list and increase your profits.

Blacklist Checker

If you do decide to run your email list on your server, then you want to consistently make sure that your email is not on the universal blacklist. These blacklists are utilized by many email companies to block out potential spammers. But unfortunately the reality is that you could end up landing on one of these blacklists, and this will compromise all of your email marketing capabilities.

This is also important if you run an email list off of your website, a membership script that utilizes emails on your site, or anything similar.

How to Get Off a Blacklist and How to Whitelist Your IP Address

Once you are on one of these blacklists, the emails that you send to your subscribers will unfortunately go to their spam folder. However, there is a way to fight back and get off these lists, so in this specific video I’m going to show you how to properly do this. While of course there is no guarantee by understanding this specific tactic, you will be able to protect your list and fight back. I’ll also show you an additional way to get your IP address white listed.

Protecting Your Email Reputation

Obviously by now you’ve learned that your email reputation is very, very important. Indeed, there are many different ways that you could actually hurt your own reputation. So, in this specific video I’m going to show you common mistakes that we as vendors or email marketers tend to make without knowing it.

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Powerful And Proven List Building Strategies

Powerful And Proven List Building Techniques and Tips

Learn some of the most powerful list building techniques that you can ultimately incorporate in your site.  These strategies are very easy to follow and super powerful.  With The Ultimate Noob List Building Report.

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How To Get More Subscribers

Learn How To Get More Email Subscribers

We will show you how you can use this newly discovered 100 valuable tips to generating more subscribers to your email mailing list. Build that valuable list with an audience and convert them to clients who will make you money.

This ebook will show you:

  • 101 quick tips to generating more subscribers to your email list.
  • How and why list building is so beneficial for your business growth.
  • One mistake to avoid when it comes to placing an opt-in form on your sidebar.
  • If your page is not converting visitors into sign ups you must not have done this one step to double even triple your conversion rate.
  • How to keep your subscribers active once you have them on your list. Your subscribers will be begging for more of your newsletters using this technique.
  • How sharing free stuff can help you build more subscribers in the long run.
  • Segmenting your list to laser-target the type of content you send to your subscribers. Your subscribers will be a lot more active using this method and more.

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