Labor Day Website Templates

Labor Day Website Templates Including WordPress And HTML version!

Get your hands on this great site and start marketing your product online!

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Make WordPress Faster

Make Your WordPress Site Faster

Find ways to make WordPress faster. Discover very simple ways to give your WordPress site a boost. Having a nice site which loads fast is loved by Google, get a sluggish site that people have no  patience to load all the endless heavy graphics and you will be in trouble. Yes, they will leave your site.

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Setting Up Word Press Videos

How To Set Up Word Press Videos Tutorials

Feel confident on how to setup WordPress with these video tutorial series. 12 videos with information that you can see and do real time.

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Local Marketing

Do Local Marketing Like A Pro And Get Local Customers

The simplest way known by pros on how to make money using local marketing! yes in your back yard marketing.  We will show you local marketing even when you have never own nor built a website. No need to be a pro and have built a landing page either, we will show your all!

Drive local marketing to your local business and start raking in the dollars. We will show you how to drive local traffic to local businesses with these 17 videos.

  • Intro to the Local Marketing Pro
  • Discover How To Choose The Best Areas To Target
  • How To Choose The Best Niches
  • How To Easily Register A Domain
  • How To Get A Hosting Account
  • How To Easily Setup Your Hosting
  • How To Quickly Install WordPress
  • How To Configure WordPress
  • How To Change Your WordPress Theme
  • Add Content To Site Quickly and Easily
  • Market Site Through Online Methods
  • Market Site Through Offline Methods
  • How To Get Paid
  • How To Quickly Add Clients Information
  • Upsell Client To More Services
  • How To Turbocharge Your Business
  • How To Get Others To Do The Work for You

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Private Customer Portals in WordPress

Learn How To Make Private Customer Portals in Your WordPress Site

Create a nice and cozy portal to talk with your clientele in private.

Here is what you will be able to learn in these 5 videos

  • How to install WordPress
  • Installing essential plugins
  • Setting up your portal
  • Securing pages
  • Creating menus
  • Child page security
  • Setting up the user flow and lots more…….

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Master Blogging

Master The Art Of Blogging

Blogging can be fun because it is usually about a hobby or something that burns your desire to write about.

In this class about blogging you will learn advanced strategies to use blogging to its full potential and to pull in subscribers and build relationships with your list.

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Become Proficient In WordPress

Become A Pro At Using And Setting Up WordPress

Get informed with this 35 video course which will teach you step by step how to master the most popular website software on the planet! Then you will be able to use this skill to build your online empire around WordPress.

Here are a few ways that you can start to benefit from these videos

  • Use the videos yourself to master WordPress and then review them when you need a refresher course
  • Give to your staff or out sourcers so that you can focus on other areas of your business
  • Offer as a bonus to your other paid products or services and boost your conversions

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WordPress Conversion Booster

Increase Your Site Conversions With This WordPress Conversion Booster Course

You can now finally can create a WordPress member experience that will have your customers coming again and again. This WordPress member blueprint is aimed at increasing your conversions and business growth on the back end starting right after you implement  what is included in these 9 videos. While you’ll learn basic member area setup, it answers deeper questions that most courses fail to answer to help you multiply your business profits and growth.

Here is the list of this 9-part video series in more detail:

Video #1 – Introduction

In this specific video you’re going to be given a quick overview of the entire video course as a whole. You’re also going to be given a list of all the things you will need in order to make this work, and of course how it all works. We also want to make sure that you’re in the right mindset before you implement the system – so that you can be successful.

Video #2 – Mind-Mapping Your Layout for Best Conversions

Every single membership layout is going to be different, but before you think about conversions you need to have an idea of how you are going to apply this to your own membership site. Mind-mapping will allow you to see and visualize exactly how the system will impact your site.

Video #3 – Must-Have Pages

How would you like to know specific pages that will help create an awesome experience for your members? To get you started I am going to give you a list of pages that you can set up within your member’s area to help increase your community stick rate and future conversions. Having the correct pages is vital to creating a user-friendly customer experience.

Video #4 – Getting Your Community to Interact

Getting your community to interact is a great sign of them trusting you. So, in this specific video I am going to give you practical methods that you can apply to get your community to interact with you and ultimately trust you, to the point that they are willing to buy products from you or buy whatever you’re promoting through your affiliate link.

Video #5 – Effective Communication

When your community interacts with you, you need to make sure that you have systems in place that provide effective communication between you and them as well as between each other. So, in this specific video I’m going to cover how to make sure that your WordPress blog is able to provide a solution to this need.

Video #6 – Increase Cohesiveness through Training

Cohesiveness is the act of how well your customers are staying in your WordPress member’s area and how well they enjoy coming back to your site. Now, in order to increase cohesiveness you have to go further and gain their trust continually on a consistent basis. Training is a great way to increase this specific factor, but you have to do it in such a way for it to actually work. Therefore, I’m going to give you some actual practical ways of using training to effectively achieve this.

Video #7 – Increase Interaction Further

There are many different methods to increase interaction further. So in this specific video I am going to give you more practical ways that you can use to increase interaction, which often results in an increase in stick rate, which additionally results into a great following

Video #8 – Action Paths

Now that you have your customers interacting with your member’s area, with you, and with each other, you want to make sure that you take a step forward and focus on action paths. In this video, action paths are basically ways to get your customers to take action so that you help them succeed and they feel like they have actually got something out of your member’s area.

Unfortunately most customers buy a product, take a look at a product, and don’t do anything with the product, so they end up becoming frustrated. But we want to avoid that by helping them take action and helping them succeed with your product. If you can do this, you’ll have a customer for life.

Video #9 – Basic Branding

While getting people back to your member’s area, you want to make sure that your company brand or your personal brand is being branded in the minds of your customers. Branding is key, especially if you want to build a community that buys your products in the future. So in this specific video I am going to cover basic WordPress branding.

Unfortunately most WordPress membership site owners forget about branding, and don’t realize that it hurts them in the long run. There’s not a whole lot that you have to do – it’s very basic, and only costs you 10 minutes or less..

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Over 200 Themes

Over 200 Themes For Multiple Purposes

270 premium themes for you to enjoy. Our themes can help you build your sites and of course the traffic that comes to it.

The many varieties include but are not limited to: holidays, trading, medical, planes, internet marketing and may more.

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Automatic Blog Post Software

Automated Blog Post Software

This software will have your post in auto-drive or auto-post in this case.  Watch the how-to videos enclosed. This software will allow you to put your blog in a set it and forget it mode.  Watch how new content gets added to your blog every day, in any niche or blog of your choice for the next 8 years with as few as 3 mouse clicks.

This new technology automatically will drip fresh feeds of new content right into your blog for as long as you choose!

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