Build Trust Online

Building Trust Online That Will Last A Lifetime

There is no doubt that in order to achieve any degree of long-term success as an online entrepreneur you must take the time to build trust with your target audience. Once you position yourself as a trustworthy authority in your marketplace you will be amazed at how fast your profits will increase and your business will grow. It might be slow or it might be fast, it all depends on the pace of your actions.

Trust is built by establishing a personal connection with your target audience. This can be done in many different ways like email, instant messaging and social networking among others. When it comes to building your own online trust there are a few basic areas that you should focus your attention on.

Creating That First Impression

When doing business online it is extremely important that you make a strong first impression on your potential customers. Most of the time this is done from your website or blog. When they first hit your website you have to make sure that they are presented with a page that looks professional and is user friendly.

Be sure to provide your new visitors with timely and relevant information that will catch their attention immediately. It is also very important that you include multiple ways for them to contact and interact with you. Because of the amount of social media tools available at your reach is extremely easy to open a line of communication with your visitors. Allowing you to connect with them in a way that makes them feel at ease.

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Various Articles To Add To Your Site Or Blog

Add Articles To Your Site To Increase The Traffic

Articles can help you tap into unlimited amounts of web traffic when you post.  We have tons of articles that help you feed your site so you can post a daily article to your site relevant to the content you are promoting.

Here is the list of them:

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List Building Management

List Building Maintenance

There are some list management secrets that not many people know. It is not just about collecting names and email addresses. Building rapport, and trust goes a long way behind the written communication you plan on engaging with your clients and prospects.  This great ebook will show you how to create that enticing email that people want to read and can’t wait to receive.   There are several things to practice and do so they can continue to be subscribed to your newsletter.

List Building By Building Rapport And Trust

Internet marketers love talking  about list building  because they know it is one of those areas of the online business world that is known to be very profitable and not many know how to crack the success formula.

Many people ask the same question ” What is the most important key to building a list successfully?”

There is a major component to list building that many don’t know and the ones that do find out about it, even ignore. It must be applied for it to work: It is the art of building rapport and trust: Let’s face facts your list is your prospects and clients.

People avoid “sales-sy” emails when they smell a sales pitch, they will run the other way. No one wants to be sold to. However, they do want to be appreciated, informed and rewarded for their patronage to your site.  And that is where you come into place.

Informing and rewarding your site visitors

People love free stuff, but the answer is not giving them free junk, that has been passed around the net for a lot.

This means giving them information that makes them wonder why you are giving it away for free! You want your customer to imagine how wonderful your other products are that do cost money. After all, if they got such great information for free, what will they get for what they will pay?

List building can be a money maker but the very first step has to be building trust and giving something useful for nothing in return.

It is a simple step to guide you into list building.

It is true what they say: “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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Boost Your Self Confidence With Hypnosis

Increase Your Self Confidence With Our Hypnosis Audio Course

Hypnosis lasts about half hour and will help you feel good and be ready to conquer the world.  This amazing audio session lasts about 30 minutes and is done by a certified professional hypnotist.

The 6 Principles Of Hypnosis:

By now you probably know that most of the problems we face in life are caused by our conscious mind.   What many people don’t know is that given the chance, our subconscious mind has the ability to sort them all out and make them disappear by working them all out.  When you get hypnotized, whether is self induced or done by another person you can reach that relaxed state of hypnosis where the subconscious mind is engaged, and through careful communication and processing, it is given the opportunity to sort out our minds naturally.

Here are 6 of the most important principles about self hypnosis:

Principle # 1

You must be willing to change into a trance-like state of mind or be induced. This can be accomplished by physical means such as finding a comfortable posture, slowing your breathing, slowing down your thoughts, and the putting your awareness on what you desire.

Principle # 2

Be loving and accepting of who you are because you are complete, you are all you need to be happy. You must learn to develop a sense of self trust and cooperation with your entire being. It is imperative that you respect yourself because if you do not respect yourself, it will be much more difficult to get cooperation within your mind that is necessary for any changes to occur.

Principle # 3

Allowing to be open to spontaneity of life and do not be limited by the logic of your cognitive mind. You have to step into uncertainty and unfamiliar territory occasionally to grow and find new adventures and this is best achieved from the state of active dreaming. This is also where solutions to problems develop.

Principle # 4

Become aware of how your body reacts to verbal suggestions that are being made. You must find a way of presenting information and possible changes to yourself that does not feel in a threaten way, and is safe and supportive to your internal self and your beliefs system.

Principle # 5

Consider every thought, feeling and desire that you have as being of equal importance, rather than giving more importance to any one particular one of them. In many instances is the little things that end up having the greatest importance in the long run.

Principle # 6

Eliminating thoughts that label and make judgments. It is the thinking mind that discerns between right/wrong or good/bad and creates many of your problems. Be aware that the whole concept of self hypnosis is to experience the thought that comes before thinking. To experience life with an empty mind that does not know and this is the state that experiences real truth.  it’s kind of like when a baby is born, he knows nothing until he starts talking to adults his mind starts getting “corrupted”.  We as adults, tend to corrupt our mind over and over.

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YouTube Tricks

Cool YouTube Tricks That You Can Use

1. Learn How To View High Definition Videos

YouTube offers you the option to switch from a low quality video to watch high quality videos . This feature does not apply to all the videos but just to some. You can check if a video is available in high quality format by appending ‘&fmt=18′(stereo, 480 x 270 resolution) or ‘&fmt=22′(stereo, 1280 x 720 resolution) for even higher quality.

2. Learn How To Embed High Definition Videos

The trick above works for playback,  but if you want to embed high quality videos you need to append “&ap=%2526fmt%3D18″ and “&ap=%2526fmt%3D22″ to the URL.

3. Edit It And Simply Link The Interesting Part That You Want People To Watch

Linking to a video where the action starts at 4 minutes 32 seconds, wondered if you could make it start at 04:32? You are in luck. All you have to do is add #t=04m32s (#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds) at the end of the URL.

4. Learn How To Hide The Search Box In YouTube

The search box appears when you hover over an embedded video. To hide the search box add “&showsearch=0” in the embedded URL.

5. Learn How To Embed Only Part Of Your Favorite Video

Just add “&start=30” for it to skip the first 30s on the video. Just in general you can modify the value after start= to the number of seconds you want to skip the video for.

6. How To Autoplay An Embedded Video

Normally when you embed a YouTube video and load the page, the player is loaded and it sits there waiting for you to hit the play button. You can make the video play automatically by adding “&autoplay=1” in the URL part of the embed code.

7. How To Loop An Embedded Video

Add “&loop=1” to make the video start again without user intervention after it reaches the end, so it can loop over and over.

8. Disable Related Videos

In case you like to publish your content in the form of Youtube video and you don’t want people to see other people’s content that may be related to yours which might be your competition. Just add “&rel=0”  at the end of the URL part of the embed code and you just turned off the related video suggestions.

9. Bypass Youtube Regional Filtering

Some  YouTube videos are only available in certain parts of the world. Your IP Address is used to determine the location of your country.  Based on that they then allow or deny access to the video. Change the URL from<somecode> to<somecode>

10. Download Video

This is not a trick but a resource for downloading videos. Change youtube to kickyoutube in the url of the video and it will take you to with all the options for downloading the video you were watching.

11. How To Download From

View a video on YouTube. In the URL location box, type pwn in front of youtube, and enter. Get links to download the video!

12. Bypass country restrictions with a US based proxy

13. Share Part Of A YouTube Video In

14. Save Part Of A Video

15. Share Video With Friends and Family, Everyone In The Room Views The Same Thing At The Same Time

16. Watch it in full screen, and send link like that without other suggestions of other videos or further clicks to enlarge screen (full screen mode). Add “_popup” after the word ‘watch’ on the URL.


Google Plus Success Blueprint

Google + Small Business Success Blueprint

Google + allows you to create a customized profile and network with the right audience.  Allow your business to grow by using this powerful social networking site.  Learn how small businesses can use Google+  to make more money with this amazing blueprint.  Enjoy this great ebook and the great article to follow.

Google is great in allowing you to market your business and now they created a social networking site to complement their search engine capabilities.

They are a powerhouse when it comes to innovation and having a global presence.  The internet is being used more and more everyday and they want to capture the users that socialize online too.  At one point  they were not  getting involved in this aspect of the internet,  which is social networking, however they have now tapped into that profitable market too. They also have become the biggest in their field in many areas on the internet such as search engine, email, phone and paid advertising.

So where do they fit into the social networking scene? Google has now joined the game with its very own social networking website called ‘Orkut’ in addition to Google Plus or Google +. A very strange sounding word but one that will soon be common to us all as this networking site becomes more and more popular on the internet.

Orkut is very popular in Asia and in Latin America and is now gaining in popularity in the United States. As you may have already guessed, Google is going all out with implementing and is working very hard at making their social networking site one of the biggest on the internet. Google is aiming for Orkut to dominate the social networking market so that they can have the same success, if not more, as Facebook and other social network sites have had. Orkut has grown incredibly in popularity in China and Japan and has had more than 11 million visitors in just one month alone.

Facebook is certainly big, if not the biggest, social networking site in the world and only time will tell if Google’s Orkut or Google Plus will have the same success and become as big as Facebook. One thing for sure is that Google will put the effort to make it work and they will give this project the attention it needs.

Getting some Traffic With Google+

Google exposure is always a good thing, and you can be sure that Google+ pages will almost always rank well in Google, it’s almost a given. It’s not a guaranteed way to end up on the first page of Google for a specific keyword, but it’s definitely a good way to get your name out there by using them!

If you would like to take advantage of it, you need to set up your Google+ account for maximum exposure. This means making your profile visible, adding keywords, setting up your page to appear appealing in the listings.

A catchy headline on your profile page is crucial. You will notice in the search engines that the headline you use will be displayed as the description that shows up when your Google+ page appears in the search engine listings.  What this means is that you will want to focus your attention on creating a headline that will appeal to your market/audience and make them want to click your profile if they see your link in the results.

Include important keywords in your headline. Keywords will help your profile be found in Google. You will definitely not have a  guaranteed spot and get top ranking by using Google+. They could never blatantly favor their own property that way. However, you want to use keywords on your profile page in order to have that possibility.

It is imperative to remember to add links to your blog and/or website on your profile page for better results. If someone comes across your link, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to get your link seen and clicked on.

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Article Writing Strategies

Article Marketing Strategies That Will help You Get The Best Results

As you know article marketing is a great way to get backlinks but you just can’t just submit an article and wait for lots of  traffic to flood your site.  This ebook will go in detail on some great article writing tips that you can’t miss and this great article will help you get the most benefits of doing article writing.

The first thing that you must know is that the landscape of article marketing has changed quite a bit over the last few months. Google’s Panda update affected most of the big article directories, and they’re tightened up their requirements as a result.  That is the beauty of internet marketing, it’s always changing and you must adapt in order to survive.

As you may or may not know submitting 250 to 300 word articles with very little value (or cookie cutter PLR content) in the content will not work anymore.  What you will need id high quality articles in the 500+ word range instead.

While this might exceed the requirements of most of the directories, you must think this way:

You might get by doing the minimum right now but if Google does another big update and the article sites tighten up even more, those articles could end up being totally removed!

So why not learn to do something and do it well. Don’t settle for mediocre content, it is better to put the extra effort into writing articles that will stand the test of time.

A great and effective strategy is to build backlinks to your articles once they have gone live on the article sites. Many people just submit an article and move onto the next one, so if you’re building links to those articles you’re going to outrank some of your competitors. Also, the links in your articles will be stronger since they will also have links pointing into them. Eventually that extra little work will trickle down to your own website and create more traffic to your site.

Lastly, no matter what learn to treat your articles as a source of direct traffic as well as a source of backlinks. Include a good call to action in your resource box, to convince people to click through to your site.

You will not only get the benefit of the links but you will also see some direct traffic coming from the article sites. Since that direct traffic can come quickly, it’s a good way to get your site going while waiting for it to mature in the search engines. Don’t underestimate article article marketing through article writing because it’s a powerful tool if done right!

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Understanding Online Marketing

Increase Your Understanding Online Marketing Knowledge And Increase Your Odds Of Success

Our guide on marketing secrets unlocked will show you what you must know before you venture off to your online business.

Internet marketing has become the bloodline of the world wide web. People surf the net more often than they watch TV.

So here are some very interesting internet marketing statistics  and how important they are for you and your business to survive.

A lot of people understand the general picture that the internet is an integral part of our daily lives and a one-stop resource for information, planning, organization and, often times, making a living. But it isn’t until we actually see the internet marketing statistics that we realize just how powerful the worldwide web is, and how it is shaping our future.

So we have put a few numbers (from ComScore) based on internet users and audience who are 15 years old and up:

Where are the internet users?

In 1996, two-thirds of the world’s Internet population was in the United States. In 2010, Asia Pacific is the largest region (41%) while all of North America is 17% of the worldwide internet audience. China and India are growing at the quickest rate with Central Europe and Russia are not that far behind. All of Europe holds 28% piece of the pie.

How does the world use the web?

WEB 2.0  category (social networks and blogs) of internet marketing statistics is still a high-growth category, attracting an astounding 3 out of 4 web users and growing at a rate of 7.1% since last year. Games (10.9 % growth) and entertainment (6.7%) are also in the top three growth categories.

The struggling economy has caused a steep decline in visitation to retail shops, automotive dealerships, banking and travel sites.  A sharp increase has been seen in sites dealing with unemployment.  2008 saw a dramatic increase in people conducting financial and economic-related searches on the Web. The number of people searching on terms related to unemployment and bankruptcy more than doubled throughout 2008.

Social Networking Sites and Videos:

Social networking site Facebook overtook MySpace (growing by 127%) in 2010.  At the end of 2008, it was reported that 146 million Americans (a 6% increase from the previous year) viewed 12.7 billion online videos (34% more than the previous year). Online video viewing now accounts for 12.5% of Americans’ total time spent on the Internet, up from 8.5% in November 2007.  And that is why Google uses marketing on top of YouTube Videos because people are watching more online videos.

YouTube, with 40% market share in November 2008, continues to be a significant driver in the U.S. online video market, accounting for approximately two-thirds of the growth in online video views during 2008.  Vimeo is coming right behind it now but still has a lot of growth to do.

Hulu, the joint video venture of NBC Universal and News Corp in 2008,grew its audience by 139% in the last six months of the year.


Online spending growth rates peaked in April 2008 at 15% and then steadily declined through the remainder of the year. However, online spending recovered slightly, with sales in January 2009 increasing 2% versus the previous year.  Understanding Internet marketing statistics allows you to develop an effective and up-to-date internet marketing strategy. Make sure you go where the people are, or, even better, get there before they do!

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Create An Image With Great Sales Pages

How To Create A Busines Image That Sells And Also A Great Sales Page Design That Convinces Customers To Buy From You

A great sales page can have people checking out your product and reading and staying in your salespage.  Web marketing will have you develop a reputation, that is why is important to give that ‘first’ best impression to the people that land in your landing page once you capture them either by PPC or organic traffic.  Our ebook  will show you the a-z supper effective sales pages will show you how to talk the language that you customers will understand, basic page construction and lots more.

Our article below will let you know why your image is so important and how to attract more customers who want to buy your product because they understand what you are selling.

Let’s say you are about to launch a new product or your product online. You been working on it for the past few months or years developing the product and studying your target market. After what appeared to be an eternity you are finally ready to introduce your creation to the market. The big day arrived; you opened up early and are ready to flaunt your biggest smile to everyone who comes in. By mid-day you noticed that even though many people come in to check out your product only few bought it. Now your wheels are turning and begin to seriously think. What could possibly be wrong with your product? Perhaps there is nothing wrong with your product but there can be something terribly wrong with your marketing strategy.

Remember that when people  look for products or services they usually go for ones that they are familiar with or have long used (buy a replacement). This profs that people love what they are familiar with to avoid a disappointment such as a waste of their money for buying something that does not work. A business owner like you who is just starting up in the business industry, it is important to make a good first impression. Sure, you can do this by offering discounts and other special offers. You can even put a large banner in front of your store announcing your special opening sale. When are not able to offer the right image you may as well consider hiding in your den and reflect on what you need to improve in your marketing strategy.

You may be doing the right strategy and using the right advertising trick. But have you looked at your logo? That’s exactly what I’m thinking. You could have overlooked the most important part of your product – your logo design. Logos often tantamount to a company’s image, hence, whether it is hip, chic, interesting or boring it is essential to create a logo that gives the right impact to the customers. It doesn’t really matter if you, your friends or employees like or does not like the logo. What is important is the impression that it gives to your customers and what they think.

A good logo must represent the business image appealingly and effectively. It must likewise be practical and functional as complicated logos often leave customers confused and wondering what is actually being sold or presented. Keep in mind that less is almost always better. Hence, a simple and clever logo design will most likely seal the deal and help you grab more customers. Certainly a colorful and over-designed logo will catch more attention but no company achieves success based solely on their logo. A simple flexible logo is more likely to entice prospects to actually buy your products and services.

A combination of art, science and psychology often creates a good logo. A designer should know this, so if you do not know how to design your logo you can ask their help. Remember that a poor logo can ruin your image but a good one can instantly create name recognition and can boost company sales and services. So create and attractive one just like you created a catchy business name that says ‘what you sell’.

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Great SEO Tips To Get Traffic Flow

Great SEO Tips To Get Traffic Flow & Better Search Engine Response

Exploring SEO- Search Engine Optimization is something that every business owner needs to do if he/she wishes to create a website that is highly effective for their particular needs. SEO is the method of optimizing a website so that it responds better to the search engines. This ebook SEO for beginners will not only go in detail of what it is, how the search engines work, the importance of adding quality content,  how to optimize your content, how to pick high quality words for SEO, mistakes to avoid, links, sitemaps,  tags, linking to other sites and keyword density among other things.

Here are some legal tricks for jumpstarting your SEO and making your site to be super popular online!

SEO has been the talk of the town among online marketers for a long time and the reason why is because it is important that thanks to SEO you can get tons of free, highly targeted organic search traffic must not be overlooked. Let us show you some pretty cool and legal, Google friendly SEO tricks to get your site SEO pumped.

You must JV with other marketers. The fastest way to jumpstart your SEO juice is to network with other marketers in similar niches, such as by stopping and asking them for a link exchange. You could even offer to pay a fix amount to have your link posted on the front page of their site.

Getting backlinks through Twitter in the recent months  Google came out and announced that Twitter will now be a form of credible back links, so the more people you get on the net talking about your website.

You can now optimize your images even thought some people say that images don’t contribute to SEO because Google spiders can’t crawl it. Rubbish, I say. So start adding captions, alternative text and descriptions to your images and use keywords to optimize it too!

If you’ve tried blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress by now you have realized that you can categorize and “tag” your posts. These are great for boosting your SEO juice, so make sure you organize your web content accordingly.

Getting your readers to interact on your blog is is very important part of SEO now. Even giants such as Google have a new concept called “+1” similar to Facebook “Likes”, which by the way is also a form of social interactions.

Applying these short tips can have a huge impact on your SEO efforts along with good SEO practices can ensure you a steady flow of free traffic.

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