How To Start An Internet Business

Find Out How You Can Start An Internet Business On $5!

Get started on your online venture and create a business on as little as $5 USD. Yes it can be done, read how to become a guru with very little money. This complete ebook will give you all the info you need to become the online pro.

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Make Money With Amazon

Making Money With Amazon

Learn the ropes to make money and list items on amazon. These 20 ways to make money with Amazon will teach you the ropes of picking a product, listing one, or simply get the inside scoop on how to sell anything in it. [Read more…]

Create An Amazon Product Review

Make An Amazon Product Review Site In a Flash!

This software creates a beautiful Amazon affiliate review site that is fully search engine optimized with a few button clicks. Comes with instructional video too!

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Successful Affiliates Promote Your Products

Successful Affiliates Promote Your Products For Free And Then You Pay Them At the Time Of The Sale

This simple but powerful method will get very successful affiliates to promote your products at a high success rate.  Have more time for things that matter the most when others are selling for you.  This 7 video course will result in a boost in profits.  This video training course will show you step by step how to create bonus products that will have super affiliates swarming to promote your products.

Here’s a list of this 7 part video series in more detail:

Video 1: Introduction

In this specific video you will be given an overview of how the system works, so you know exactly what to expect in more detail.  Getting knowledge in this will be a lot faster as the pieces of the puzzle come together. You’ll also learn what tools you need to get started. We will primarily be sticking with mostly free tools and then some paid-for videos and webinars; however we’ll also recommend free tools. Other than that we will not be using any expensive or complex tools.

Video 2: Brainstorming bonus ideas for your affiliates

Before you go out and begin creating bonus products for your affiliates, you’ll want to start by brainstorming what your customers would want. You want to make sure that the bonuses you provide are irresistible enough that the buyer will take some sort of action – and so that your affiliates can effectively promote your products. Fortunately, in this system, you’ll learn some very easy methods for producing ideas quickly without losing quality.

Video 3: Creating bonus reports

In this specific video you will be learning how to create bonus reports. You’ll be shown various ideas you can use right away in your own reports, so you don’t have to think too hard about what to do and how to do it.

Video 4: Creating bonus videos

Here you will learn how to create bonus videos. Videos are powerful, and in this section, you’ll be shown step by step ways to use to these to build curiosity about your product and even increase the perceived value of your product.

Video 5: Creating bonus webinars

Webinars are often called automated sales machines; depending on how they are produced can really make your products sell like hotcakes. However with that being said there are some webinars that fail to sell and some webinars that do very well. You’ll be given a quick and easy formula that you can use to create a webinar that your affiliates can use to sell your products.

Video 6: Super Affiliate Booster Ninja Trick 1

While of course you can provide affiliates with bonuses, there is a super cool ninja method that you’ll learn in this video that will take your sales to a whole new level. If you think the main method is powerful enough, wait until you see this one. Do this right and you can double or even triple your sales across the board.

Video 7: Super Affiliate Booster Ninja Trick 2

In this video you’ll learn another super cool ninja trick that you can use to grow your sales. Once it is setup, you don’t have to do any of the marketing and you’ll be able to boost your sales simply by focusing on this type of person.

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Sell Your Product In Clickbank

Clickbank Will Help You Discover The Power Of Leverage By Showing You How You Can Sell Your Products On Clickbank And Allow Affiliates Do The Selling For You!

Master the use and how to set up your product right in Clickbank with our Clickbank mastery which is composed of 10 videos which will show you how to increase your odds of creating a selling machine.

Introduction to the course

Learn how to set up your product that will sell on Clickbank. Setting up a product on Clickbank will allow you to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of affiliates on the Clickbank network, which is a huge advantage. Discover the tools you will need, how this system works, and more so that you are able to set up a product quickly and easily and most importantly correctly.

The products that are allowed & the do’s and don’ts

Learn which products are allowed in it and which products are not allowed. Knowing this will set you on the right path to complying with their rules and regulations. Don’t make the mistake of setting everything up only to find out that you can’t add it to their system.

Vendor checklist

After you understand that you need to properly set up your product.

How to sign up with ClickBank

Create an account at Clickbank. Now while this may seem to be an easy step to do, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you create your username. There are a few things that can help you in the long run.

Create a sales page

Basically the same rules apply to the sales page. Clickbank is quite strict on their pages so you want to make sure you get everything done right, the first time around.  Creating a good compliant page page is important because you’re going to need to get your page page approved by Clickbank before you can begin to sell.

Don’t worry about anything technical, we are going to cover as much as possible to show you how to set up this page using a free WYSIWYG web editor which is very easy to use.

Create a thank you / download page

Now it’s time to set up your thank you page for your download page. After your customer purchases your product, they are going to need to be redirected to your download or thank you page. Again all you have to do is follow  this step by step instructions. You’ll learn how to easily create a download page so they are ready to be uploaded to your website.

Make a payment link

Before you finish your sales page and your thank you page you need to create up by button. You will be learning how to create the proper payment button so that you can make everything connected and working properly.  This will allow your customers to get from your sales page to your thank you page easily.

Uploading  files using FTP

Now you are ready to upload all the files to your website so that you can be closer to being finished.  Learn how to use a file transfer protocol, in other words a simple software tool that allows you to upload the files from your computer to your website and make everything work.

Site information completion

In this video you will learn how to complete your site information and products information so that people can easily find your product either to buy or sell in the Clickbank marketplace.

Testing the payment link

You are going to learn how to test your system and make sure it works. In other words you need to make sure that from the moment a customer steps on your sales page, that your payment button works, your thank you page works, and everything else works too!  The worst case scenario is that you don’t do the necessary testing and when your site goes live it fails because you did not do the proper testing. You will actually lose customers when they can’t access your product.

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WordPress Link Cloaker

WordPress Link Cloaker Plugin

Our software allows you to easily use it in WP. This plugin quickly cloaks your affiliate link.

Other software:  Create Profits With This WordPress Plugin

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JV Zoo Affiliate Plug In

JV Zoo Affiliate Plugin

Cash in the JV Zoo frenzy and become an affiliate and make your life easier with this plugin.  Instantly monetize using any open source WordPress site when you use this plugin. You can simply specify what products will appear on your site.

Product links will be coded to your affiliate tracking. You can automatically place products before a post, after a post, or even in a sidebar with the widget tool. You will receive instant commissions, paid directly to your account for any of the sales you made.

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Affiliate Success Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Success Blueprint

Affiliates can make a lot of money or lose a lot thru marketing on PPC so in this course we will show you the fail-proof affiliate blueprints that have been proven  and explored to build successful businesses.

Our super affiliate evolution:

  • Has everything you need to know in the affiliate biz
  • All proven methods … no guesswork

Part 1: Niches

Do SEO keyword research the right way  * Doing PPC keyword research so that you don’t spend over .25 per click * Choosing keywords that attract buyers and NOT info seekers or looky loos

Part 2: Keyword Research

Learn how to find the best CPA offers  * How to determine if a Clickbank product converts well *  Finding different mobile CPA networks

Part 3: Creating Your Persona

Why you need to create a persona * The true essence of becoming a super affiliate this day in age * How to build instant rapport & credibility

Part  4: How To Build Sites or Blogs That Convert

Why squeeze pages are the best way to money as an affiliate * Long term affiliate commission blueprint * Using WordPress to create affiliate sites on the fly * The one thing that helps your site convert 20 out 100 visitors

Part 5: Listbuilding & Automated Relationship Building

“The set and forget” technology on your affiliate campaigns * An autoresponder sequence that gets the best response * How I built a list of over 5,000 targeted subscribers in less than 14 days * Why you need to put systems on your affiliate business

Part 6: Easy SEO Techniques

What is affiliate marketing without free traffic * Build an ongoing traffic source that doesn’t cost you thing

Part 7: Penny Clicks & Untapped Traffic

All the secret PPC traffic sources * How to turn .05 into $10 all day long * Secret resource to finding all the traffic sources you will ever need

Part  8: Social Media & Content Marketing

How social media can rocket you * Secret YouTube expliots, totally legal * How to get your content ranked #1 over Wikipedia

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Keywords In WordPress Blogs Can Help You Make Money

Your WordPress Blog Can Help You Make Money By Using Any Keyword or Phrase

Create instant cash with any keyword phrase on your WordPress blog in just a matter of seconds. Perhaps you have a WordPress blog with tons of content but you’ve never actually done anything to make money from that content.. Or perhaps you have an auto-blog that has new content being added every day and getting a ton of traffic.

You find a product that is perfect for your niche and want to add some affiliate links to it throughout your blog. Normally this would take hours to go through even a small blog, and forget about trying to keep up with the new content that is being added by an auto-blog.

This software makes the process a breeze:

STEP 1:  Simply choose a keyword or keyword phrase that you wish to convert to an affiliate link

STEP 2:  Hunt out your affiliate link and paste it into the space provided

STEP 3:  Head over to your blog and watch everyone of those keyword phrases gets linked directly to your affiliate link

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazing Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide

Amazon is a great port to buy a great deal of things. Many times you log in to buy one thing and end up buying more than what you wanted. That is great if you are an Amazon affiliate. So learn how to become a super star by becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer. Go ahead and learn our Amazon payday secrets and start filling up your bank account.

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