Monetize With Video Content

Add Content To Any Video And Make Money!

Fast and easy monetize and add content to any Youtube video in under 5 minutes and watch in amazement how your income literally soars through the roof! We all know that video is the future…why aren’t you monetizing or adding content to your videos in order to maximize your revenue?


  • Super easy to understand and more importantly, to use – You will be able to use this incredible plugin even if you’ve never used a WP plugin before!
  • Monetize or add content to any videos in less than 5 minutes flat and watch your income soar!
  • Choose between different types of content or ads: Paragraph, Title, Link, or even Button.
  • Ultra-flexible placement of your ad or content: choose between top, bottom or both.
  • A myriad of customization options for maximum impact: different types of fonts, sizes, colors, styles, background colors and borders. There are NO limits when it comes to creating any type of winning combination!

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